Since 2004, Rocky Neck Fish has been a proud member of both the downtown Hingham and East Milton community as the towns’ premier seafood market retailer. Our fish markets are conveniently located inside each town’s Fruit Center marketplace and are independently owned by us and not owned by the Fruit Center.

Rocky Neck Fish is not only a seafood retailer but we’re a wholesaler as well. This unique aspect of our business sets us apart from most fish markets. Being an independent fish market benefits our retail customers through our ability to bring them the freshest seafood as we buy our products directly from the fishermen. We hand select our fish markets’ seafood from the fishermen’s boats and deliver our products to our market’s display cases.

Our fish market customers can always choose from a wide variety of seasonal seafood items to enjoy throughout the year from fish, to shellfish to cocktail sauce and even oyster knives. We also prepare our own delicious fish cakes and burgers as well as our crab and lobster dips using only the freshest ingredients. During the holidays we offer several specialty items from shrimp platters to bacon wrapped scallops to caviar.

As a Boston based seafood company, we enjoy being involved in local community events including our seasonal participation in local farmers markets. Occasionally we will also partner with a local business or a chef to offer a “sea to table” cooking class.

We care deeply about the health of our customers and the conservation of our environment. We perform due diligence on all vendors, making sure each facility and vessel is properly certified and is working toward the ultimate goal of superior quality and environmental stewardship. Our valuable customers can take pride in knowing the seafood they’re buying from Rocky Neck Fish is not only top grade but also responsibly sourced.

The next time you or your family would like some responsibly sourced, delicious seafood we welcome you to come on by our markets and say hello. We’re looking forward to seeing you and letting us bring the sea to your table.