Full Frozen Product List

Baby Octopus
Bos’n Calamari Steak
Bos’n Gourmet Stuffed Clams
Bos’n IQF Rings Only Calamari
Bos’n Ring and Tentacle (R&T) Calamari
Bos’n Tube and Tentacle (T&T) Calamari
Chilean Sea Bass
Crabmeat Combo, Wild Caught
Ducktrap Smoked Pastrami Salmon
Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Sliced
Frasers Haddock
Hamachi Fillet
Hamachi Loins

Handy Crabcake 3oz Retail
King Crab Leg 6/9
King Crab Leg 9/12
Octopus 6/8 Spain, Wild
Octopus Fribo 4/6 Spain, Wild
Raw Lobster Bodies
Real Deal Clams
Salt Cod
Soft Shell Crabs
Spanish Octopus Tentacles
Squid Ink
Town Dock Calamari Ring and Tentacle (R&T) U.S.A.
Town Dock Calamari Tube and Tentacle (T&T) 5/8ct U.S.A.